Turn your social media into art.

An app store for personalized data visualizations. For example, dataviz applications that gather data from your Facebook, Twitter, digg et al accounts, and then turn them into beautiful visualizations. People can then buy products (ie t-shirts, posters) featuring their personalized visualizations.

There are hundreds of millions of social media proflles containing vast amounts of personal data. 'Dataviz' applications make sense of this data (much of it unseen) and can provide stunning glimpses into people's lives, friendships, conversations and communities. Turning this data into beautiful visualizations is an innovative, cutting edge form of portraiture. With people's strong affinity to products with personal meaning and significance, the potential for print product sales is large.

the model
Developers upload their dataviz applications to the lluminance platform and share in the revenue for the products sold. People visit the site to explore the applications, and enter login details to see their very own personalized visualizations. They can save and share these images (free) and/or buy printed products featuring their personalized image.